Monday, 8 November 2010


I had the urge to write. I thought I might as well do it on this as opposed to a word document. Literally did this in ten minutes so don't judge it too much. I might make it into a short story at some point if I have the time and some inspiration as to what comes next...

I wake up. I'm frightened, confused and alone. Silence. Silence apart from the beating of my heart; rhythmically, but fast. Too fast. Where am I? I open my eyes and look around these unfamiliar surroundings. Something tells me that I've been here before but I just can't place why. Have I seen these walls? These four walls surrounding me, sparse and bare. Slowly I rise to my feet. I look at my attire and I seem to be dressed in a t-shirt. But is it mine? It's far too large and I swear not to recognise it. What's happened? Why can't I remember? It's as if my memories been taken. By how? Why?

Slowly, I exit the room to yet more silence and unfamiliarity. I see a figure, sitting in a chair some way away, reading silently. I approach cautiously, wandering with every step if it is the right thing to do. But what else can be done? I need answers.

My body seems to get heavier with every step; more reluctant to approach almost. Is this my own doing? I simply can't tell. I feel something hot against my side, and realise for the first time that there is a pocket to the t-shirt, and there is something inside... glowing somehow. Although I am fast approaching the figure, my steps slow and come to a halt as I remove the object and place it into the palm of my hand.

I have never seen something so beautiful, so intricate, so special. I am so sure of its importance, yet certain that I have never seen it before. How did it come into my possession?

As I speculate, I realise that in my deep thought, I have been walking towards the unknown figure. In shock, I release my gaze from the object in my palm, and look instead into the eyes of the stranger. Fiery red eyes, surely not human.

"All will be explained" she whispers, "but first, you must give me the pendant".